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Looks amazing, I love your style of art! I'm a SU fan which makes me happy to see this. It didn't have such a huge impact but the originality if gr8. I LOVE THE VISION BRUH! Sometimes I really wish things got more out to the public, which this base deserves it.If you need a base to use, go to TrustfaII because she's an AMAZING artist!


When ROBLOX meets another legless object
ROBLOX: Uhhhhhhh
Treeyee: Dude, are you gonna say hi?

ROBLOX Copyrighted by ROBLOX Co.
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wtf did I just say ;-;
Dark Sky
Sky: Y̵̧̘̞̖̜̠̹̺͚O̶̤͔̭͙̱̝͙͢Ư̶̱̫̹̭̞̠͓ ͉̱̫̟͕͈̬͟͠ͅͅA̷̴̠̖͞R̴͔̠̗͢͝Ẹ̷̸͟ ͔͉͙͈̠͜͞͠C̞̥̟̙Ǫ̲̺̞̬̺̠͡M͏̠̟̼I̡̯̘̣̩̗N̶̻̖̺̦̕͡G̸̱̙̠͇̩̹̰͔̟͘ ҉̣͙̮̯̱̩̰̺W̨̨̢͕̲̟͉̳Į̥T̴̝̟̲́H̖̘̹̤̜͈̻́ ̵̫̯̖̘̠ͅM̵̶͉͓͈͇̲͔̥ͅE͍̜̹͓̠̠͉̯͟ ̸̞͙͠T̷͔̹̭̘͚͞O͎͈̬͖͙͞ͅ ͕̰̬̥̫͓͡H̸̝̗͜Ẹ̟̞Ļ̧҉͉̞͈̘̭̩L̠̥͕̫͎͔͇͞ͅ

Signed by me and Splashy Kitty Artist Animal TV AKA Splashy
Dark Sky is owned by meee

Edd came back to Sky’s Pizza Palace after the days of investigation. He was excited and confident. He wanted to find evidence if this place had any history of some sort.

Edd walked in. After 15 minutes, he went to the Maintenance Room Door and entered the almost completely dark room. He saw Terrance and Darren. He shut the door behind him, and flicked the light switch to on. Terrence remained off while Darren turned on. Darren put his hand on the floor to make his feet get on the hard ground. Edd watched him get up.

“Hello.”, Edd said to him,”Are you...Darren?”

“I am Darren.”, Darren replied,”What do you need me for?”

“Well, I was wondering if there was any mysteries about this place.”, he said.

Darren sighed,”Well, sit down with me, I’ll tell you about the gang.”

Darren and Edd sat down.

“Well, I’m ready, go ahead.”, Edd said.

“Have you heard about the 5 missing kids from here?”, Darren said.

“I have.”,Edd replied.

“Well, the thing is that we’re those 5 missing children.”, Darren said.

Edd was shocked as of what he said

“Are you serious?”, Edd replied.

“Yes, we were stuffed in suits of the robot animals you all know and love.”, Darren said.

“Someone that worked at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, someone named ‘Ryan’, he took us five to the Parts & Service room.”, Darren continued,”He brought a knife with him, and killed all of us. He dragged us to the suits and, well, you know the rest of what happened.”

Edd looked down and put his right hand behind his head.

“Woah, what a sad story.”, Edd said, frowning.

Edd looked at Terrance. He looked back at Darren, confused at the extra. Edd put his hand back on the floor.

“What is that red bear doing here?”, he said, confused.

“That’s Terrance.”, Darren said,”If you haven’t heard about the technician that went missing, that’s him. Sky accidentally killed him, I stuffed the technician in Terrance.”

“Sounds horrible.”, Edd said.

Darren’s soul, Walter, eventually came next to Darren.

“I’m sorry…”, Darren said,”I have no choice, my soul wants to kill you.”

The soul went into Darren. Edd started getting scared and ran for the door. He tried opening the door, but the lock jammed shut when he closed it earlier.

”Fudge, it’s jammed!”, Edd said.

Edd didn’t see any other exits. He panicked frantically.

“Don’t kill me, please!”, Edd said, frantic and panicking,”I mean no harm at all!”

“Too bad.”, he replied.

Darren grabbed a wrench from the table in the room and stabbed him in the left eye. Edd stayed strong and got up without a left eye. He punched Darren but instead got bloody knuckles from punching him. He screamed in pain. Darren stabbed Edd in the stomach through to the other end of his body. Edd started choking blood, getting everywhere on the floor. Darren pulled the wrench out and dropped Edd onto the floor. Blood was spattered on his body. There were only a couple drops of blood on his face. Edd eventually blacked out and died.

“Revenge at last.”, Darren said, creepily and smiling.

Darren got a suit of a blue wolf labeled ‘Ross’ and stuffed him in it. Edd transformed into Ross in a couple seconds. He was left off at the moment.

Edd opened his eyes and looked at Antony.

“We’re sorry…”, Antony said,”We can’t bear the pain.”

Edd looked at the other 6 in grief.

“I can’t stand it anymore…”, Albert said.

Ross activated that night, trying to get used to his new body. He felt like having his own attraction with Leslie called ‘Music Time with Leslie and Ross’. Ross got what he wanted all along.

Thank you for reading my SNaS Episode 4! Thank you for reading this and share this with you're friends. I hope you guys have a great day, Bye!

The End

Characters in the Story:

Edd Tarwick

Darren the Arctic Fox

Ross the Fox

Antony Fischer

Albert Moreris


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Hi! I'm Skyler, but just call me Sky. I'm a YouTuber that holds the object show "Object Fantasy". I love playing ROBLOX and i'm a Total Drama fan. I AM NOT A GIRL! My birthday is shown wrong, it's September 25th.

BTW, lolpanYT stands for Lolpan-Your-Telly

My fav characters:
Bonnie Stamp by CoksTheDragon
Toy Bonnie Fan by crescent-moon123
Gelatin Fans Stamp by Jetpackteddy1118
Eevee stamp by Dametora
Glaceon stamp by Dametora


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